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New Paintings: August 2001 

"Reflections at the Oregon Garden"

16x20" Pastel

First place Oregon State Fair amateur section

Jean and I toured the just opened Oregon Garden near Silverton.  It just happened that her lavender dress matched the flowers in the pools. Ok, perhaps I adjusted the shades a bit to match, but no matter we had a great time at a wonderful garden.

taylor_dog.jpg (15696 bytes)

"Playing fetch"

9x14" Pastel

Taylor found a best friend to play fetch with at the lake. This Labrador loved the water and this kept this up, throwing the ball into the lake and he retrieving for about an hour until the ball sunk 

"Huckleberry bouquet"

16x20" Pastel

The family cabin in McCall has warm counters with cool green windows. At about three in the afternoon the light pours in to illuminate this little part of the kitchen and by 5pm it's gone. This old bottle was bought in Stevenson Washington at breakfast on the way there and the huckleberry branch was growing in the surrounding woods 

"Moon Over McCall"

The moon rising over the Payette lake that gives an enchanting glow to the mountains and water below. The kids and I would walk down to the lake dock at mid-night and star gaze.

jean.jpg (23203 bytes)

"At the Wedding"

Andy, Jean's brother, and Milogra were married at the Asta Vista House outside Brownsville.  A beautiful day and wonderful wedding! Jean is resting after family photos on the gazebo where the wows were exchanged.