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New Paintings: December 2001 
puppies.jpg (16692 bytes)

"Pick me!"


We've finally gave in and now are a three kid and one pup family.  Our new member is in the middle here and this was composed from photos Jean took the day we picked her up.  Stay tuned for more Lab paintings!

jfinal.jpg (30810 bytes)

"A Jacksonville Christmas"


What a great weekend!!  Jean and I took a break from puppy training to spend a romantic weekend in Jacksonville Oregon.  When we arrived there was sleigh rides, carols sung in the streets and little elves roaming the streets to greet us.

BUSH PARK.jpg (232265 bytes)

"A walk in the park"


I love taking walks down at Bush park here in Salem. The fall colors were magnificent as usual this year 

payette.jpg (152484 bytes)

"Sky over Payette Lake"

16x20" Pastel

Across the lake are the Lick Creek mountains pronounced "Crik" by the locals. In the evening spectacular thunderstorms would rise up over these peeks