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New Paintings: Feb/ March 04
snowday.jpg (48250 bytes)

"Snow day"

Minto_brown_fields.jpg (30970 bytes)

"Minto Fields"

goodiris field.jpg (39523 bytes)

"Iris Fields"

bush orange.jpg (30886 bytes)

"Winter Sun, Bush Park"

final trees-jpg.jpg (62670 bytes)

"Minto Cottonwoods"


melting minto small.jpg (81216 bytes)

"Melting Minto"

37 x26"

minto_winter.jpg (44374 bytes)

"Minto Sun"


The sun was illuminating through the cottonwoods onto the foreground cornfields.  I decided however to take a winter scene and by using a warm colors convey the warmth of the sun over the trees

minto winteroriginal.jpg (44250 bytes)

Photo I used for the Minto sun painting. Notice the foreground snow. After doing the two snow paintings below I was excited about doing a warm piece

snowday.jpg (48250 bytes)

"December Snow II"


These scenes are from walks through Belcrest Cemetery


snow22.jpg (58079 bytes)

"December Snow"


We really had a week of snow and ice, even as I look outside the window I see melting icicles from the windows