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New Paintings: Jan/Feb 2003 
finals.jpg (53171 bytes)

"Aspen conductor"

I came across this groove of aspen in central Oregon. One wise old aspen seemed to be conducting the groove across the meadow

tulip fields.jpg (39245 bytes)

"Tulip Fields"

Come March the tulip fields will be full of flowers and people. People come to see the sea of reds and yellows which are striking


cabinlight1.jpg (56526 bytes)

"Cabin rays"

Taylor and I had a father/son trip to the cabin this summer. My goal was to do what he wanted to do.  We spent the morning going on walks, then swimming in the afternoon and watching videos at night.  My favorite time of the day was when the morning light first filtered into the cabin


tulip party.jpg (45722 bytes)

"Tulip Party"

I love the contrasting reds and blue-greens

bush park 4.jpg (39557 bytes)

"Bush Park IV"

From a series I'm doing on Bush Park in the fall. 


Spring Fling3.jpg (84595 bytes)

"Spring Fling 3"

How to interpret a photo? I've done three paintings from the same evening photo shot of the neighbors flower garden.  I looked at the photos with fresh eyes each painting and the paintings look way different.  

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Valley4.jpg (54708 bytes)

"Valley Shadows"

Last Spring I went for a drive up the valley towards Eugene and was in awe of the sparkle of the light dancing on the forest floor.

jeansand1.jpg (36035 bytes)

"Maui Dream"

20th anniversary!! Jean on the beach 

DSCN0524smallcropped.jpg (90695 bytes)

"Maui Palms"

Our last day in paradise! I was taking a walk down the beach and lush palms gently leaned over the pacific