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New Paintings: July/Aug/Sept 04
JAMMER.jpg (53866 bytes)


One of the famous restored touring buses from our trip to Glacier


MARIATCHI.jpg (39688 bytes)


"Cabo Dreaming"

The band that serenaded Jean on her 41st Birthday 


LODGE.jpg (62859 bytes)

Crater Lake Lodge...we visited  here in June..... Cold but sunny

ranger rick.jpg (58604 bytes)e

"Ranger Rick"

I hiked into Iceberg Lake from Many Glacier Lodge. Ranger Rick is explaining why the lake seems so wide  and narrow when in reality just the opposite is true


FRUIT.jpg (52110 bytes)

"Cutting Board"

cold crATER LKE copy.jpg (29991 bytes)

Dawn at Crater Lake

pears.jpg (64681 bytes)


Mouslla sunset.jpg (52626 bytes)

"Montana Sunset"

misson mill lookinglass.jpg (68538 bytes)

"Into the Looking glass"

Ladd and Bush.jpg (89219 bytes)

"Ladd and Bush II"

Lincoln City.jpg (58353 bytes)

"Siletz Bay"

New_Mexico_Church[1].jpg (41107 bytes)