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New Paintings: July to August 2002 
sanctuary3.jpg (68809 bytes)

"Santuario Cabo "

St. Luke the Evangelist


Anne Jean and I went to Cabo San Lucas Mexico for a few days.  What a great family time! The old mission church is simply known as the Sanctuary by the locals. This painting is a symbol of how the Lord is my sanctuary


summer bounty 2.jpg (55694 bytes)

"Summer Bounty II"

A second still life from the summer salad I made at the cabin in McCall, Idaho

cabo pedel sweeper.jpg (47459 bytes)

"Cabo Petal Sweeper"

The staff at the Twin Dolphin kept the grounds immaculate and oh so friendly. I quickly learned to say Olla and Buenos Dias to everyone. Jean of course can speak Spanish and had much deeper conversations 

cabo palms.jpg (74346 bytes)

"Cabo Palms"

What a change from our Willamette Valley. The Sonora desert was amazing. This grove of palms was in front of our hotel and I was inspired to do this painting to capture the exotic feel of this land. At least exotic from an Oregonians perspective.

blackyesesusans.jpg (64438 bytes)



vacation.jpg (62203 bytes)



Here Jean is doing what we did best on vacation; enjoy the peace and beauty of the Sonora Desert and the Sea of Cortez from our balcony.  Obviously we are still in Cabo.

braids.jpg (47825 bytes)

"Cabo Braids"


On our last full day Anne had her hair braided by the locals at the bay near the hotel. Fortunately Jean could speak Spanish since we had two woman fight over who got our business. In the end they reached a compromise and both worked on Anne's hair.