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New Paintings: March/April 04
zilinski farm.jpg (105855 bytes)

Unnamed as of yet

Composition  uses the wheel  to  spin off the figures to give balance to the painting. I tried to space the apple trees in such a way to give variety but not steal the show


detailz.jpg (85257 bytes)


I am using the hand motions to give some movement in an otherwise static composition. The apple trees with their white blossoms posed a difficult challenge to be readable as apple trees without becoming the focus of the painting



heidi.jpg (66766 bytes)

"Hillside wildflowers"

this idyllic hillside was behind our bed and breakfast in Leavenworth Washington. this hillside was spotted with yellow wildflowers overlooking the valley below.


heidideail.jpg (53781 bytes)

Compositionally I needed to stop the strong diagonal with  the balance of the Jean on the left, leaving a bit of the paper untouched on the right side, and a subtle counter diagonal in the distance

finaltulips.jpg (76931 bytes)


cascade thunderhead.jpg (42620 bytes)

"Cascade Thunderhead"

wildflower.jpg (72369 bytes)

Leavenworth Wildflower

detzilwild.jpg (64068 bytes)