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New Paintings: May June 2003

train.jpg (59891 bytes)

"Salem Railway Station"


One of the Local Landmarks in Salem.  The kids often have headed up to Olympia from here.  The city has nicely restored this landmark

Whites_seed_compaqny.jpg (66501 bytes)

"White's seed company"

clock.jpg (54196 bytes)

"Pomeroy Clock"

methodist_church.jpg (43166 bytes)

"First Methodist Church"

statecapital.jpg (29190 bytes)

"State Capital"

Bush and ladd1.jpg (74104 bytes)

"Ladd and Bush"


Another City landmark. The leaves were especially colorful this year due to a cool dry fall. It has been making up for it since then though.


taos.jpg (52151 bytes) 


DSCN9943_edited.jpg (43793 bytes)

We made into Taos 1/2 hour before all tourist had to leave but not before I enjoyed as much of this historic site as I could and also take about 50 photos