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New Paintings: November 2001 

"Summer Bounty"


I don't cook too much except at the cabin where I am the chef of the day. There is nothing  better than fresh fruit on a hot summer day.

tetfinal.jpg (23221 bytes)

"Teton Magic"


We headed into the Teton Park from Jackson and was greeted by the breath taking view of the Tetons.  The clouds were billowing up over their peeks as if by some ancient magic.  


burgdorff.jpg (222140 bytes)

"Burgdorf Homestead"

16x20" Pastel

About 30 miles north of McCall Idaho are the famous Burgdorf Hot Spring.  The kids and I spent the afternoon there. Well we only really spent about an hour because it was really just too rustic for the gang. This homestead was our view from the pools. Zach took the photo I painted this from.

meaadow.jpg (220320 bytes)

"Rainbow Meadow"



One of my all time favorite meadows is the Sparks Lake meadow off the Century Drive outside Bend Oregon. I've spent several enjoyable days exploring and painting them.