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New Paintings: Oct/Nov 2002 
done1.jpg (89356 bytes)

"Nursing the Iris"

See Demo with story of painting

"Cabo Annie"

Annie at poolside in Cabo, we all decided this was the most restful vacation ever.

Spring fling II.jpg (71666 bytes)

"Spring Fling II"

I found this collection of wildflowers on the edge of Warren Wagon Road near the cabin in McCall. I'm always struck with the simple beauty of God's creation. Most would say the view of the lake across the road would be the thing to paint, but it hardly matches what I found at my feet.

nutcracker.jpg (48560 bytes)

"The Nutcracker"

Thanks to Jeff's son Patrick, this nutcracker portrait was possible. Costco has Christmas stuff out early so why not get a jump on it in October.  Actually I want to submit this for a Christmas show next week.  Of all Patrick's nutcrackers this one really seemed cool with his cape and menacing sword.

pear.jpg (49924 bytes)

"Primary Pears"


I found a trio of pears at the store: one green yellow and red.

I know painting pears seems kinda trendy but they are great shapes and fun to eat afterwards!

pearphoto.jpg (33871 bytes)

reference photo


spring fling.jpg (70304 bytes)

"Spring Fling"

Another in a series from my neighbors yard. I hope this keeps me smiling through the upcoming winter