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New Paintings: October 2001 

"Broken Top"

20x30 Pastel

This is one of my favorite spots near Sparks Lake looking toward the Sister Mountains.  At my feet were hundreds of little frogs happily frolicking about. 


16x20" Pastel

See Demo

Taylor and I went camping in August up the Santiam River. Taylor was working on a mini-dam for about an hour.  Here he is carrying a rock out to his makeshift dam....


16x20" Acrylic

This was a classic moment of our Yellowstone trip. We were at the viewpoint overlooking Yellowstone Falls and Taylor was terrified the wind would blow us deep into the gorge.  He implored us to stay away from the stone rail and sought refuge in Jean's protective arms...

"Standing Tall"

16x20" Pastel


Lori's cool vase that holds flowers in test tubes. The base is a rustic looking metal holder. Jeff and Lori have a beautiful garden that is in bloom all year