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New Paintings: Sept/Oct 2002 
Blue Coffee Cup.jpg (39772 bytes)

"Blue Coffee Cup"

This is my tribute to Saturday mornings. I also am going to start to do a series of still life paintings.

DSCN0013.jpg (24364 bytes)

Photo, from car as I drove!

DSCN0054.jpg (31626 bytes)

"Top of the ridge"

15 x 21

I finally was able to make the drive to Fossil Oregon this past weekend.  The windy country roads are really exciting and breath taking, especially when your not in a hurry!  This painting is typical of going over one ridge but it seems like one is driving into the sky.

DSCN0071.jpg (37610 bytes)

Outside Grande Ronde 

Golden feilds.jpg (33770 bytes)

"Fields of Gold"

Freedom, the kids are back in school and Jean and I can get out on a daytime date! At the beach we visited a gallery and Jean was taken by a golden foreground in a wonderful watercolor.  On the way home we passed field after field full of the same golden color.  I painted this that same afternoon still inspired by the glowing fields