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Pastel Art of James Southworth


Exercise 5: Now a repeat the above exercise using side of pastel sticks only on gray La Carte paper. This ľ size piece is perfect size for these strokes. Be bold in you stokes.

Goal: Learn to make more expressive strokes. Again if you pastel crumbles get a new peice.




Why side strokes?

Answer: By using the sides we can keep the surface "painterly" and keep from being distracted by fussy details and "overworking" the composition. On "finished" paintings I add detail to the center of interest that blends in with the rest of the work. I also will blend areas that eliminate the strokes especially for a soft backgrounds.

This can also be used on an otherwise "dead" area to enliven it

Note: This is not the "right" way to use pastels but one that keep us loose and fresh.


Keep alternating the direction of the stroke to add interest to areas.

Add yellow/orange, yellow, and light yellow to the top of the earth tone column

Donít worry about fingerprints on your paper, they are better than a signature

If you must try and remove a mark try a stiff brush followed by a needed erase ..good luck!