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Pastel Art of James Southworth


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Odds n Ends

In "odds and ends" I tucked away projects that don't really fit neatly into the other categories

Great Oregon Painting Locations!!

There are some locations I find magical each visit.  Spark Lake is at the top of my list!

Sisters | Sparks Lake

Day trip to Sisters

What a rainy day. Nothing but thunderstorms in the forecast, but I was determined to head east and find dryer weather over the mountains.  This is my maiden voyage of the Honda element which I am using as dog transport, family vacation car and art mobile.   M

The red flags on the map are where paintings were done.  Small and fast since it was still sprinkling every few minutes. 

First stop was the famous fly fishing river: The Metolious.  I could have spent all afternoon here but for the rain. I did a quick sketch of some tree shapes going up the bank.  Jean thought they looked like they were on fire!  Fitting I suppose due the recent fires in the area.

Next I headed east about 15 miles and  found a meadow on Indian Ford Road with the Sister Mountains in the background.  I stopped here because the sun had momentarily broken through the clouds.

After dinner in Sisters, I headed south out of town about 5 miles to a lookout .  What a magical time. The sky was clearing and the clouds were breaking. One feels close to God in His creation at times like these! The mountain in "Sisters Overlook" is Black Butte next to the Metolious river.  In the second painting I tried to capture the feel of the breaking clouds.

Photo from Sisters about 7:45 PM

I think it was here when the clouds were breaking that I fell the inspiration to do a full sized painting later.  Perhaps from the above photo.

Then it was a late drive home over the pass through the rain and dark, but a day well spent

Set up from Element

Sketch from Metolious

Metolious River: Heaven

Quick sketch

View South of Sisters



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