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Pastel Art of James Southworth


Anne Southworth



Yellow is the Sunshine

When there is not a cloud in sight

And you can see it shining

Oh so bright

Yellow is a beam

Yellow is a race

And winning as a team

Yellow is a cornfield

Yellow is a night star

A cheetah, a bird

A brand new car

The sounds of yellow is

Ring twinkle ting

Gleaming in the window

Of a king

Yellow is giddy

It dances throughout the day

The sunflower smiling

The feeling of May

Yellow is waking up

And living your life

The mustard on

The mustard knife

Yellow is a feeling

Of happiness and joy

Like a gift but

Not a toy

Yellow is a banana

And a sour lemon

Yellow is the feeling you get

when new life is born

Yellow is promise

In it’s truest form

The sun will always rise

In the early morn

Think of what day

And life would be like

If yellow didn’t reveal its might…