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   Pastel Art of James Southworth


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Swan Hotel
All that Brass
Bush Park
Blazing Peony
Standing Tall
Cabin Spices

Bush Park

bush1.jpg (53309 bytes)

Salmon La Carte paper. I'm going for a crisscrossing horizontal and vertical lines with the walker the center of focus

bush2.jpg (70870 bytes)

The dark foreground is concave with the main tree bisecting the picture plan. This should create some tension in the painting

bush3.jpg (53246 bytes)

Horizontally I have light, dark, light bands and vertically several elements at different heights. I have red at the bottom left and top right connected with the red going up the main tree

bush4.jpg (77320 bytes)


Done...Bush Park is a great local park where Bush Barn Art Gallery is located. My art can be seen here.