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  Pastel Art of James Southworth


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Ducks and Beavers

By Jean Southworth

Nov 2003

I am a homemaker-Beaver married for over 20 years to a dentist/artist-Duck.  My husband, Jim, comes from a family of rabid Ducks who initially squawked a collective “fowl” at our relationship.  In my extended family, the women wear orange and the men wear green.  While we Beavers didn’t pick that other school, we pick their men.  We think Ducks make for pretty good husbands.  Plus, we Beavers excel at building bridges and dams across watery divides.

 Early in our marriage, Jim and I were a bit competitive during football and basketball seasons.  We’ve mellowed considerably, to the point of cheering for one another’s school...except at Civil War time.  On those days, Jim quietly drives to the home of one of our many male Duck relatives. 

 Our eldest child started college this fall; neither of us lobbied for our school.  Zach selected OSU for a variety of reasons, including his interest in their engineering program.  Our daughter teases Jim that every time he writes a tuition check, he’s supporting the Beaver football team.  Jim just smiles.  He even proudly wears his bright orange “OSU DAD” sweatshirt he purchased at Dad’s weekend last month, making sure to point out the “Dad” part to anyone who asks. 

 Duck fans questioning Jim’s loyalty should know about my laundry room discovery.  When tossing his Beaver sweatshirt in the wash, I always disentangle a certain t-shirt from underneath.  It’s his Duck shirt.  The Beavers and Ducks may share a laundry hamper at our house, but my husband always wears the Ducks closest to his heart.