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Pastel Art of James Southworth


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Odds n Ends

In "odds and ends" I tucked away projects that don't really fit neatly into the other categories

Great Oregon Painting Locations!!

There are some locations I find magical each visit.  Spark Lake is at the top of my list!

Sparks Lake Sisters

Sparks Lake

June 14, 2004

Jean and I are on a mini road trip to Crater Lake, Ashland and Jacksonville Oregon.  On Saturday morning of our first night in Bend I headed up Century Drive into the Cascades.  One of my all time favorite spots, so I couldn't pass a chance at a couple hours here.

I have never been here with snow on the ground before! My plein air drawings were fun but not remarkable, except for the joy they gave me.  When our Lord created mountains, streams and meadows He was smiling. One can only wonder what heaven must be like. 

There is a nice camp ground at Spark Lake and hiking trails and fishing abound.  I really need to do some camping here soon!


Quick sketch of Broken Top

Broken top looking West

Painting done form photos

The creek going into Sparks Lake

Mt. Bachelor looking East

Me at Sparks Lake Meadow

Broken Top painting

Across the Meadow at Sparks Lake

Broken Top in the summer