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  Pastel Art of James Southworth


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Watercolor for kids
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Pastel Workshop for Beginners! This a part my yearly all day workshop. Enjoy

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This is a hands-on workshop with the premise that we learn by doing! After today you should be ready to tackle your own projects with some confidence!

As we get to know our pastels, we will cover some basic concepts that are essential for vibrant paintings: color harmonies, dynamic shapes, exciting textures, and compositions to enhance center of interest (focal point).

Workshop Outline



Aerial perspective or values


We will be doing many exercises or studies together so lots of hands-on pastel time is in store! Be sure to ask questions….

One goal of the workshop is to give maximum time using the pastels. We will do several studies where quantity and having fun is the goal. Along the way, I will have little chalk talks and demonstrations to illustrate the topics. I may have planned more projects than we have time for, so if we don’t finish everything, that’s OK. It just means there is a reason to paint tomorrow.

Art and Fear is a great motivational book to jump start myself when enthusiasm ebbs. I’ll read an excerpt from the book.


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