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Pastel Art of James Southworth


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Pastels Watercolor for kids Composition The Library Tip 1


Sand Dollar Leaf Watermellon Iris Flower Materials



Simple outline with masking over a few seeds

Quin Red + Salt, dry

Alizarin Red to right side, dry

feather at bottom with water

  1.jpg (7020 bytes)


2.jpg (8794 bytes)

Sap Green at bottom 

feathered into red with water, dry

Add Sap Green + Azilarin to paint rind

then light cast shadow at right

Remove mask, paint seeds purple

3.jpg (9890 bytes)

4.jpg (9561 bytes)


Goals: To lean simple  glazing techniques


Skills learned:

Mixing paint

Applying watercolor washes

Complimentary colors

Saving whites with masking fluid

Art principles learned:

Design principles



Masking fluid


Alizarin Crimson

Quin. Rose

Sap green

Purple Lake