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   Pastel Art of James Southworth


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Swan Hotel
All that Brass
Bush Park
Blazing Peony
Standing Tall
Cabin Spices

Standing Tall

heads up1.jpg (30932 bytes)

Digital photo from Lori's cool vase that holds flowers in test tubes. The base is a rustic looking metal holder. Jeff and Lori have a beautiful garden that is in bloom all year

heads up2.jpg (31338 bytes)

I blocked in darks with acrylic on crescent watercolor board. 

heads up3.jpg (32539 bytes)

I rapidly applied the colors of the major patterns with acrylic and then apply Art Spectrum clear ground to give the paper some tooth  

heads up4.jpg (20744 bytes)

I changed the colors a bit to give a split compliment color scheme; red-orange; blue-green to blue violet