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Pastel Art of James Southworth


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Tip 1


Pastel Workshop for Beginners!

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Exercise 1: Color Strokes


Goal: To begin feeling comfortable using the pastels

Demonstration…..Use the sides of the ¼ sticks as I am demonstrating. Think of the side as a wide brush!

Use a piece of (warm) Salmon La Carte paper.

Make geometric forms using each twenty pastel; don’t overlap between colors. Some great effects are achieved by leaving areas of the paper showing between colors. See detail of hat

detail of "Petal Sweeper"

Leave ½" or more of untouched paper around borders

Tap off dust into paper sack every so often, Remember: don’t blow!

Start with light colors and wipe fingers with Kleenex as needed. Diaper wipes work great for a final hand cleanup

Repeat exercise using a full piece cool (blue-gray) Canson paper



Think about nice look shapes and interesting relationships between colors. Don’t copy this example but make up your own

There is a whole lot written about color theory but we must first start by observing for ourselves. Learning to see take time and practice.

Note that the light blue/green is very soft and may crumble…. When a color is used up I have replacements.

The Canson paper has two sides: one smooth and one textured…take your pick!

Expect your fingers to get colored! It’s part of the fun, but do use Kleenex when going from a dark color to a light color…



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