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Pastel Art of James Southworth


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Watercolor for kids
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Pastel Workshop for Beginners!

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Exercise 2: Blending Strokes

Lets do this exercise 3 times using sheet of gray, then sienna and white Canson paper

Place one inch blocks, as in the photos. We will go from dark to light and make a color chart

We will divide the palette into cool greens, warm red , cools blues, and warm earth tones

This is a good way to understand some basic blending possibilities and color ideas.

Detail of "Cabo palms" showings how blends in sky can be used:



blends of green, reds, blues, and earth-tones


The colors are darker in value at bottom so add black here if you want and also add white at the top of column for fun.

The green also goes well also with the earth tones and the light blue/green goes nicely with the blues

Fixative: I use Krylon Workable Fixative throughout the painting process. If used, the color will darken some but future layers can be overlain very cleanly.




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