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Pastel Art of James Southworth


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Pastel Workshop for Beginners!

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Exercise 3: Hatch Strokes

Goal: Learn the stokes and the feel of our pastels

Hatching or side by side strokes:

Place vertical or oblique strokes of each of the 4 color pastel groupings from the last exercise, on to sheet of red/gray and sienna Canson paper. Again, we will do four areas on each paper: warm colors, cool colors, earth tones, and greens. Use color chart exercise as a guide.


Note; let some of the paper show through for sparkle


Try using edge of pastel not wide side

Try adding the green to the earth tones as this green is really a toned green so blends well

detail of "Bush Park II"

Notice how some colors vibrate next to each other. There is no right or wrong here. We are just having fun. If a pastel get other colors on it, wipe it with a Kleenex. Fill in most of the page but leave at least inch untouched paper around the border. As dust builds up, tap your paper off into your paper bag.

Finally, blend several of the areas with your finger. See how this softens the surface

Tip: Blending earth tones with other colors really "muddies" them. Use these color spots carefully! Of course mixing black with a color will not be pretty!



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